Recycle Form

Please PRINT this page, COMPLETE the form and PUT IT IN THE PARCEL you send to us with your old swim-gym-dance-wear for recycling.

Send us 3 sports/dancewear items for recycling and we'll give you a 20% discount off a new SeaChange product, send 5 items = 30%, send 10 items = 45%! One discount can be applied to one product in one order.

IMPORTANT: each recycled item you send us must be a whole swimsuit, or bikini top AND bottom (both = one item), leggings, crop top, shorts etc. And it must be made of stretchy, synthetic LYCRA type material - not cotton. See our TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Once we receive your parcel we'll EMAIL YOU A DISCOUNT CODE to use when ordering SeaChange products from our online shop.

If you are sending us items in a parcel from more than one person, please LIST EACH PERSON SEPARATELY in the form so we know who to send each discount code to.

PUT THIS FORM IN YOUR PARCEL AND SEND IT TOBeU SeaChange, 46 Warmington Lane, Middlewich CW10 0DJ


Name:  No. of items for recycling: Email address: