Meet the SeaChangers

We are very lucky to have wonderfully talented athletes, dancers, skaters and gymnasts as our BeU SeaChangers. They help us test and design new products - and sometimes model on our website.

If you would like to become a SeaChanger please visit the SEACHANGER APPLICATION page.

SeaChangers train hard every day to turn their sporting and dancing dreams into reality. Here are some of them, more will appear soon!

Marney Easen, Elite diver

Isla Jones, national swimmer


Ross Haslam, GBR diver


Tully Kearney, S5 world champion para swimmer


Sephora Ford, Elite diver


Florence Smith, GBR team diver

Millie Costello, GBR synchronised swimming team

Clare Cryan, Ireland team diver

Libby Rimmer, dancer

Morgan Swales, GBR international figure skater

Brooke Cullen, national diver

Amber Keegan, national swimmer

Phoebe Collins, dancer

Sophie Attwood, dancer

Tigi Whitehouse, trainee stuntwoman

Erin Chapman, dancer